• Heavy duty connection for oxy-acetylene (welding / Cutting) equipment

Working Pressure

  • 0.7 Mpa (k kgf/cm2)

Body Material

  • Brass (chrome-plated) – socke
  • Steel (chrome-plated) – plug


Item Code Size
S23SF for oxygen gauge
S22PH for oxygen 1/4″ hose
S33SF-BS for acetylene gauge
S32PH for acetylene 1/4″ hose
S22SH for oxygen 1/4″ hose
S32SH for acetylene 1/4″ hose
S23PFB-2 for oxygen torch with valve
S33PFB-2 for acetylene torch with valve
S22SM for oxygen pipe R 1/4
S33SM for acetylene pipe R 3/8